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What is the purpose of this website?
After the registration you can create a shrine for the deceased person or animal, or for mass disaster victims. You can upload photos, memories, comment, quotes, and poems on the shrine. You can light candle, add flowers for the memory of the deceased. You can share the shrine with family members, friends and acquaintances so that they can give their condolences and remember by sharing on Facebook, Twitter or via email the link copied. This site is a virtual memorial which can be visited anytime by anyone, can give their condolences and respect by adding relics, comments, quotes, and photos.
What do we call a shrine and relics?
Shrine is digital record that has been created by the user. Therefore digital record can be created for deceased person, animal or mass disaster vicitms. Relics are candles and flowers which can be added to the shrine.
What am I entitled to do without registration?
Without registration you can see all of the shrines that the creator allows, these are called public shrines. In addition, you can also light free candles which last 7 days and you may repeat at anytime.
How can I register?
The registration site will appear by clicking on the registration button on the website. There you need to add some basic information: name, email address, password and location from where you registered. The location will automatically appear with the help of your map in case it is allowed on your device otherwise you may add it yourself. Then you need to accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, finally click on the registration icon to finalize the registration.
How can I create a shrine?
In order to create a shrine, first of all you need to register. Then after registration you need to click on the `New shrine` icon to create a new shrine.
What kind of relics can I add? Can I light a candle?
You can light different types of candles, which will last for different durations and add flowers which will also whither within different durations. We were using real candles and flowers for the creation of relics.
Who can light a candle or add flowers?
Anyone can light a candle to an existing shrine for 7 days. You do not need to register to light a free candle. Without registration you can only light a free candle but you cannot add flowers. Registered user can add flowers, light extra candles or prolong the duration of the free 7day candle for up to 20 years. In order to add chargeable relics you need to register.
How can I add a relic to a shrine?
First of all, you need to open the chosen shrine. You may find it on the home page or search on `Shrine` menu. Then you need to choose `New shrine` in order to create a shrine. Other option is to choose `Relics` menu and search and then choose the shrine. Fill in the required relic`s data, after payment the relic will be created and it will be visible for the chosen period of time on the shrine. Free candles will be visible for 7 days on the shrine without payment.
How much do the candles and flowers cost?
Candles 1Candles 2Candles 3Flowers 1Flowers 2
7 days (1week)1 Eur2 Eur3 Eur4 Eur5 Eur
14 days (2 weeks)2 Eur4 Eur6 Eur8 Eur10 Eur
30 days (1 month)4 Eur8 Eur12 Eur16 Eur20 Eur
90 days (3 months)12 Eur24 Eur36 Eur48 Eur60 Eur
180 days (6 months)24 Eur48 Eur72 Eur96 Eur120 Eur
365 days (1 year)45 Eur90 Eur135 Eur180 Eur225 Eur
1095 days (3 years)130 Eur260 Eur390 Eur520 Eur650 Eur
1825 days (5 years)220 Eur440 Eur660 Eur880 Eur1100 Eur
3650 days (10 years)400 Eur800 Eur1200 Eur1600 Eur2000 Eur
7300 days (20 years)700 Eur1400 Eur2100 Eur2800 Eur3500 Eur
How can I pay?
Currently you may use bankcard or paypal but we are working on the integration of several other payment service provider.
Are there free relics?
Yes, there are. The relic called simple candle is free for 7 days. Rest of the relics are chargeable.
Can I light unlimited numbers of free candles?
Yes, there are no restrictions on the number of free candles you may light, however each candle is only for a 7 day duration. Then you need to light a new one.
Can I prolong the free candle?
Yes, if you lit it as a registered user. After registration, you may extend it by payment through the menu `My relics` for up to 20 years.
Can any of the relics be extended?
Yes, if you added it as a registered user. After registration, you may extend it by payment through the menu `My relics` for up to 20 years.
How long will the shrine I created remain active?
It will be active as long as it is not deleted by the creator. So, even if there has not been lit a candle or placed a flower, the shrine will remain active until the creator deletes it.
Do I get notification via email prior to the candle and/or the flower expires?
Currently, we do not send any emails to the registered users, only the one about the registration.
Will I see if someone lights a candle to the shrine that I created?
We do not send any additional notifications about the relics added. All active relics are visible under the menu `Active relics` on the shrine. After the registration, you can see your relics under the menu `Own relics`. The relics that have expired can be renewed or you may place a new one. You can find how many relics have been placed for the deceased under the information section on the shrine, including the relics that have expired.
Can I share the shrine created by me on social media and send it to relatives or acquaintance?
You can share the shrine with family members, friends and acquaintances so that they can remember, place flowers or light candles by sharing on Facebook, Twitter or via email the link copied.
What is the purpose of the map function?
You can trace easily from which countries the relics have been placed on the shrine with the map function. The map function also shows the place where and how many the relics have been placed from specific locations for the deceased.
Can I edit the shrine I have created?
Yes, you can edit it after the registration. After registration, you, the shrine`s owner may edit it. You may upload photos or change them, and renew your own relics.
Can I edit the unwanted comments on the shrine that I have created?
Yes, after the registration.
What can I do if I wish to create a shrine that has been already created?
You can see the creator of each shrine within the shrine`s information section. In case you know the creator, contact him/her and discuss who has the right to create the shrine for the deceased. However, it is allowed to create more shrines for the deceased person, animals or events. In case you think that the content is not appropriate or the shrine has been created inappropriately, kindly inform us under the menu `Offensive content` by highlighting your complaint.
Is there an unlimited number of shrines that a registeree can create?
There is no limitation in the number of shrines that can be created. You may create shrines for as many relatives, friends, animals or events as you wish. Kindly always check whether or not a shrine has been created for the deceased, especially in case of well known or famous personalities.